• Be Visible

  • Be Comfortable

  • Be Confident

  • Raise It

  • Wave It

  • Be Seen & Safe

Be Visible

Be Comfortable

Be Confident

Raise It

Wave It

Be Seen & Safe

Safety Beyond the Boat

HeyWave on wake boarder

Watch HEY WAVE in action!

Designed for Comfort and Safety

HEY WAVE Background

HEY WAVE applications beyond the boat

Water Sport Rentals

HEY WAVE visibility bands provide a measure of added safety for Water Sport Rentals of paddle boards, boogie boards, kayaks, sail boards, and waverunners. Private label HEY WAVEs are available for rental facilities.


A day at the beach shouldn’t be filled with anxiety. Beach goers can be easily distracted too! Rest assured, parents will easily spot their HEY WAVE kids playing in the sand or splashing in the waves.

Waterparks and Wave Pools

Safety benefits continue even in more controlled waters. Waterpark and wave pool life
guards are quickly able to see any HEY WAVE alert flags deployed by struggling swimmers.


Tubers, Wakeboarders, Skiers, Surfers, Swimmers, Paddleboards, Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts

Limits of Liability

HEY WAVE is a wristflag worn by a water sport participant
intended to create additional visibility and awareness within their
proximity.  The person wearing this
device assumes the responsibility and risk of their actions and will not hold
HEY WAVE or it’s affiliates liable for any injury or harm while in use. HEY
WAVE shall not be used as a substitute to comply with any local, state or
federal water safety regulations.